About Us

We are a start-up Social Enterprise based in Hartford, CT with a goal to bring economic sustainability and demonstrate the revolutionary power of student-centered learning.

Our team is led by a motivated group of teens from Hartford that are bringing project-based learning and life skills to the school environment in Hartford.

Herbs of Vision is bigger than a greenhouse of herbs, it is the movement that will sprout new light into youth and communities across the country.


 We LOVE our Herbs

– Our herbs are grown with positive energy and organically

– Local sprouts are ecological! There is no delivery cost, or chemicals used to grow and preserve food. You can be sure you’re eating completely organic from the source!

– Seeds can be saved for years! With just a few spoonfuls of seeds, you can grow a full pound of fresh greens. Your household budget will not be affected by increasing prices at the grocery store!

Local is Better

– Local herbs are fresher and taste better

– Nutritional value is the absolute greatest in growing sprouts! Mature, cut vegetables are not nearly as fresh!

– Growing herbs can cost less than $1/lb

– Supports youth that are making a difference

Building a Sustainable Community

– Money circulates back in the community

– Improving educational outcomes for youth

– Anyone, anywhere, at any time can grow fresh, nutritious food to live on!

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